Barbeaux Formulaire's rich exotic blends are hand-poured in vintage diamond-cut glass, full of aroma that fills the whole room. Poured in small batches in a little shop in downtown Carmel, Indiana, all are double-wicked and double-fragranced with only the finest oils. Every scent has been developed to give the consumer a unique experience.

Barbeaux Formulaire Annabell Candle


Southern living! Intriguing magnolia blooms with fresh bamboo step back into time.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours


Barbeaux Formulaire Awaken Candle


Take a walk into a high end spa – eucalyptus and organic peppermint with a hint of grapefruit.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours


Barbeaux Formulaire Cranberry Souffle Candle

Cranberry Soufflé

Fresh cranberries drizzled with chocolate, with a hint of grapefruit and cinnamon. A Barbeaux Formulaire's original recipe. A must have.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours


Barbeaux Formulaire French Market Candle

French Market

Imagine walking into a French market full of blossoms and herbs. Refreshingly clean.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours


Barbeaux Formulaire Olivander Candle


If you are lavender connoisseur, you have to experience this candle. Fresh lavender with a hint of the olive tree.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours


Barbeaux Formulaire Signature Scent Candle

Signature Scent

A soothing experience with currant, roses, tea and musk. A truly romantic scent.

8 oz. size, burns for 35 to 40 hours



Barbeaux Formulaire Body Lotion

All Over Body Lotion

Curative and made with the finest oils – almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter – slightly hinted with brazilian mandarin. Natural enough to be used on the face. Only apply where dry. Also available in Amber scent

Poured in small batches, each bottle contains pure ingredients that aid eczema and dry, chapped skin. These ingredients together act as a natural bandage and give the skin the nutrients to heal and protect.

8 oz. size


Barbeaux Formulaire Body Lotion Travel Pack

All Over Body Lotion Travel Pack

Petite 3 oz. lotion contains the same curative ingredients as the 8 oz. lotion and is accompanied by a natural beeswax/olive oil blend with rosemary extract and broad spectrum SPF 15.



Barbeaux Formulaire Bath Soak

97% Organic and Curative Bath Soak

Unlike the average bath soak, our blend of organic carrot root, corn starch, pink himalayan sea salt, jojoba oil and shea butter are blended together to aid distressed skin. This soak leaves the skin feeling resuscitated and revived. Scents are Amber, Honey and Gardenia.

This curative blend has been aiding eczema and skin conditions for over eight years. A truly remarkable product.

22 oz. size


Barbeaux Formulaire Lip Balm

Lip Balm

The Lip Balm scent is French Pear and is so yummy tasting. It is gluten free and 100% Vegetarian.